Resource Information on Past Themed Events

Clubs have shared stories of their most successful events. Highlighted events have links to more details and contacts for additional information.

Member Promotion
Members highlight new initiatives/ products, services, facilities
Members host events at a new facility/ tour
Give members 5 minutes to do a presentation.
 (this could be a sponsorship initiative)
2 times a year, go around the room and invite all
members to provide a quick update.

Membership Recruitment
Coordinated prospect invitation events

Edmonton 4-course Progressive Dinner

Vancouver Christmas $2,500 Give Away

Sport/ Entertainment/
Attraction/ Destination

Golf Day, Dinner Theatre, Concert,
Event, or Exhibit

Toronto North Octoberfest (Joint event with 4 Clubs)

Victoria Hockey Sports Event

Partnerships Clubs, Joint Events or Industry Partners
Plan Memorable Events

Canadian Rockies/ Calgary Joint Mystery Event

Victoria/ Vancouver Joint Event